Love’s Last Bite

Book 3 of the Orbus Arcana Series by Viki Lyn and Vina Grey

At the water’s edge, gentle waves lapped over Vince’s feet and circled his ankles before receding. His toes dug into the silky white sand. Vince took off his sunglasses and squinted into the distance looking for their vessel. The white sails of the 50-foot catamaran sailed toward the island. The yacht was identical to the one shown in the vacation brochure John kept in his office drawer. The boat was a real beauty with every convenience, including a Captain and cook.

Vince smiled as he remembered John’s excitement when Vince gave him the vacation for his birthday. Then his smile quickly faded. The approaching vessel signaled time was running out. He chewed on his inner cheek. Dio. For all of his arrogance and pride, with John his courage failed. Enough with the procrastination. He had promised John no secrets. It was time to confess.

“I have something I must tell you.”

John turned from where he was making wet footprints in the soggy sand. He grinned and Vince’s stomach dropped. What he was going to say would surely wipe that smile off John’s face.

“I have to go back home.”

John grimaced. “Yeah, I know, but the rest did us both good. This has been great, all of it.”

Vince brought down the rim of his hat. Cowardly to shield his eyes but John would notice the worry in his eyes.

“I don’t mean Arizona.” Vince said. “I mean my home. Verno.”

John stopped scuffing his feet. “Oh, for how long?”

“My father wants to step down.”


The boat swiftly sailed toward the open sea. John stood on the deck discussing the merits of using a certain knot with the Captain. He loved to discuss sailing with just about anyone, but he was having a difficult time after the shit that Vincent just threw at him.

Jesus. H. Christ.

King Vincent.

Or would he go by King Kamateros? His stomach revolted. This was not in the plan, not really. Sucking in sea-tinged air, his shoulders sagged as a feeling of weariness settled over him. Turning, he spied Vincent leaning on the railing, a glass of wine held between two elegant fingers. The man was beautiful.

Vincent stared into the distance. With his bronzed skin, taut lean muscles and his hair blowing back in the sea breeze, he looked so damn good. Sometimes he wished Vincent kept his emotions shielded. Even from a distance, he sensed Vincent’s stress. A faint tremor passed over John’s heart. His poor lover was as worried and upset as he was. This had to be hard on him, too. As much as Vincent touted his right to rule, there had to be a side of him that desired a normal life. A life they had right at this moment.

A life that was about to be shattered.

John politely excused himself and headed for the starboard. He’d better go talk to Vincent. Soothe his worry that John would ever consider leaving him.

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